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2. Religious Spirituality and the Meaning of Life: the Problem of Absurdity

Pages 1-22


Vahid Sohrabifar; Abolghasem Fanaei

3. Patrick Grim's Cantorian Argument against Divine Omniscience: A Critical Approach based on Plantinga and Mulla Sadra’s Views

Pages 23-48


Malihe Aghaei; Seyed Ahmad Fazeli; Zahra Khazaei

4. Religion and Myth: A Critical View on al-Sawah’s Approach to Religion

Pages 49-66


Rahim Dehghan

5. Evaluating the Meaning of Life through Reflection on Its Images in Abu al-ʿAlaʾ al-Maʿarri’s Works

Pages 67-88


Yadollah Rostami; Saham Mokhless

6. Swinburne’s Arguments on the Consistency of Immaterial Person: A Critical Examination

Pages 89-110


Tayyebeh Shaddel; Mansour Imanpour

7. Quantum Physics and God’s Agency

Pages 111-134


Hamidreza Shakerin

8. The Challenge Between Epistemic Autonomy and Epistemic Authority in Modern Epistemology

Pages 135-165


Reza Naghavi; Mohammad Reza Asadi

9. The Flicker of Freedom in Defense of the Principle of Alternative Possibilities

Pages 161-175


Javad Danesh; Tavakkol Kouhi

10. A Rereading of Thomas Nigel's View of the Meaning of Life Based on the Function of Life

Pages 177-200


Mohamad Mahdi Sotude; Mohammad Reza Bayat

11. The Meaning of Life, A Possible World with Complete Divine Love, and the Divine Hiddenness

Pages 201-220


Mohammad Javad Elahie Asl; Abbas Yazdani

12. Examining the Attribution of Purgatorial Evolution to Avicenna

Pages 221-238


Seyyedeh Zahra Mousavi Baygi Mousavi Baygi; Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi

13. The Review of the Semantics of Moral Virtues and Vices from the Perspective of Allameh Tabatabai

Pages 239-258


Hossein Ahmadi