1. A Philosophical Approach to Friendship and Other-Concern With an Emphasis on the Neo-Aristotelian Philosopher Julia Annas in Morality of Happiness

Pages 1-26


Naghmeh Parvan; Mohsen Javadi; Enshaallah Rahmati

2. Participation in Eternity: The Ultimate Ground of Aristotle’s Teleological Explanation

Pages 27-48


Mustafa Zali

3. Hume's Objection from Evil to the Design Argument and Skeptical Theism

Pages 49-68


Amir Saemi; Seyed Mohammad Hadi Hedayatzadeh Razavi

4. Nietzsche’s Death of God: An happy announcement or sad mourning?

Pages 69-88


Mohammad Mehdi Ardebili

5. Tabatabaie on the Role of 'Itibariyyat in the Interpretation of God’s Possession

Pages 89-106


Sahar Sadri; Kavoos Roohi Barandagh; Ali Hajikhani; Mohammad Saeedimehr

6. Polkinghorn's New Model For God's Relationship with the World based on Criticism of Thomistic Traditional Conception of God

Pages 107-130


Nima Narimani

7. Deep Ecology; a Movement against the Human/Nature Dichotomy and Its Critique: A Theological Approach

Pages 131-154


Ahmad Ebadi; Mohammad Emdadi Masouleh

8. Conditions for a Theory of Meaning of Life: Susan Wolf's Perspective

Pages 155-174


Tahereh Eshraghi; Mohammadreza Bayat

9. Surveying Problem of God’s Foreknowledge in Abū al-Barakāt al-Baghdādī’s view and Open Theism

Pages 175-196


Seyed Mohammad Ali Dibaji; Eisa Mohammadinia

10. The Doctrine of “Unity in Multiplicity and Multiplicity in Unity” and Its Role in Explaining Individual Unity of Existence

Pages 197-216


Mohammad Reza Ershadinia

11. The Reliability and the Purpos- Refutation Arguments in Proving Prophets' Infallibility: A Critical Survey

Pages 217-239


Hossein Atrak

12. Allamah Jafari on the Explanation of Will ('Iradah) and Free Will ('Ikhtiyar): A Confrontation with Transcendental Wisdom (Hikmah Muta'aliyah) and Na'ini's School

Pages 241-262


Abdollah Nasri