Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 2 - Serial Number 34, November 2020, Pages 1-285 
The Process of Developing Methodological Naturalism in Western Thought

Pages 1-26


Seyed Mostafa Mirbabapoor; Yosef Daneshvar Niloo

Critical Examination of Meaning and the Possibility of Paradigm Shift by Accepting Emergentism

Pages 27-56


Seyed Hassan Hosseini; Massoud Toossi Saeidi

Pragmatic Encroachment: An Epistemic Explanation in favor of Religious Beliefs.

Pages 57-73


Ali Kalani Tehrani; Ahmad reza hemmati moghadam

A Critical Consideration of Jurgen Moltmann's Theology of Hope

Pages 75-102


Hasan Sarayloo; Rasoul Rasoulipour

Al-Mufid on the Scope of Inerrancy of the Prophets and Its Inconsistency with Their Knowledge

Pages 103-120


Malik Abdiyankordkandi; Seyed Ali Alamolhoda

Reflections on the Argument for the Existence of God in Pre-Critical Period of Kant's Thought

Pages 121-142


Morteza Rohani Ravari; Amirabbas Alizamani; Seyed Hamid Talebzadeh; Ahad Faramrz Qaramaleki

: Ibn ‘Arabī on Epistemic Disagreement

Pages 143-156


Hamedeh Rastaei; Ghasem Kakaie

Religious Act in Max Scheler's Phenomenology of Religion

Pages 157-176


Hamid Reza Erfanifar; Hassan Ghanbari

A Critical Assessment of Therapeutic (Anti-metaphysical) Interpretation of Tractatus and the Kierkegaardian Reading of Early Wittgenstein

Pages 177-199


Ali Sadeghi

Cognitive Biases of the Human Mind in the Acceptance of Religious Beliefs

Pages 201-224


Sayyed Mahdi Biabanaki

The Philosophical (Hikmī) and Theological (Kalamī) Approaches to the Badā’ of Divine Definite (Mahtūm) Will in Contemporary Shī’i Thought: The Case of al-'Allāma al-Tabātabā'ī, Āyatollāh Khu'ī, and Mīrza Mahdī Isfahānī

Pages 225-247


Mohammd Hossein Kolahi; Reza Rahnama

Avicenna on Activity/Receptivity of God’s Essence with respect to the Intelligible Forms of Beings: A Reading from the perspective of the Unity of Activity and Receptivity in Simple Entities

Pages 249-268


sayyed mohammad entezam