Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 1 - Serial Number 33, May 2019, Pages 1-270 
Divine Omniscience in Open Theism

Pages 1-21


Mehdi Abutalebi Yazdi; Rasoul Rasoulipour; Mohsen Javadi; Amirabbas Alizamani; Ghorban Elmi

Religion at the Heart of Philosophical Thought of the Kyoto School

Pages 23-42


Muhammad Asghari

An Analysis of the Concurrency of Sayyid Murtadhā’s Line of Thought with Basrian Muʿtazilites in Explaining the Nature of God’s Will

Pages 43-62


Akbar Aghvam Karbassi

The Relation between Prophetic Nation and Practical Wisdom in Al-Farabi’s Thought

Pages 63-85


Zoheir Ansarian

A Critical Assessment of the Negation Argument for Intellectual Moral Good and Bad

Pages 87-110


Sayyed Ali Taleqani; Hossein Rafiei

Dynamic Omniscience: A Critique of John Sanders’s View of Divine Omniscience and Human Free Will

Pages 111-132


Bahram Alizadeh; Najmeh Kordzangeneh

Realizer-functionalism and Life After Death

Pages 133-147


Mahdi Ghiasvand

The Increasing Role of History in the Philosophy of Religion: The Case of Hegel on Faith and Reason

Pages 149-161


Mohsen Feyzbakhsh; Reza Gandomi

Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī on the Analysis of Epistemic and Non-Epistemic Presuppositions of Behavior

Pages 163-187


Hashem Qorbani; Fereshteh Abolhasani Niaraki

Necessary Existent in Islamic Philosophy and the (Im)personal God

Pages 189-210


Abbas Ali Mansouri

Hegel's Reading of the Problem of Formalism in Kant's Ethics: Can Kant's Religious Anthropology provide a Solution?

Pages 211-232


Seyede Masoume Mousavi

The Heat Death and It’s Theological Implications

Pages 233-253


Javad Navaei; Sayyed Mohammad Kazem Alavi; Mohammad Reza Ershadinia