Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2 - Serial Number 32, November 2019, Pages 1-266 
Dawanī-Dashtakī Dispute on Divine Speech

Pages 1-16


Mahmood Ahesteh

The meaning of Ontotheology in Heidegger’s Later Philosophy

Pages 17-36


Hani Ashrafi; Amir Maziar

the Legacy of Kant in Schleiermacher's Religious Experience: a Critique of Current Interpretations

Pages 37-61


Mohammad Ebrahim Baset; Maryam Saneapour; Mahdi Moinzadeh; Meysam Sefidkhosh

al-Ġazālī on the Problem of Salvation

Pages 63-84


Mohammad Tavakkolipoor

Ultimate Explanation and Necessary Being: Describing and Analyzing Timothy O'Connor’s View Point

Pages 85-107


Roozbeh Zare; Seyyed Hassan Hoseinie

A Comparison between Avicenna and Eriugena according to Their Conceptions of the Meaning of God’s Negative Attributes

Pages 109-129


Hasan Abasi Hossein Abadi; Mastaneh Kakaiy

Johannes Eckhart on the “Other”

Pages 131-153


Ahmad Asgari; mohammadmahdi abdolalinejad

Reconsidering Mullā Ṣadrā’s Anthropological Tenets in His Theory of Bodily Resurrection

Pages 155-175


Mohammad Kazem Forghani; Majid Taghinejat; Amir Hosein Soleimany

Rational Requirements for Welcoming Comparative Philosophy of Religion

Pages 177-196


Ghodratollah Ghorbani

A Consideration of William Hasker's Open Theism Solution to Theological Fatalism

Pages 197-221


Fatemeh Ghalkhanbaz; Abdolrasoul Kashfi; Abbas Yazdani

The Relation of Quantitative and Mathematical Methods in Science and Late Medieval Christian Theology

Pages 223-245


Javad Gholipoor; Yousef Daneshvar Nilu

A Criticism of the Theory of the Existential Overlapping between God and His Creatures in the Light of the Correct Definition of God’s Infiniteness

Pages 247-266


Seyyed Mohsen Hendi; Habibollah Danesh Shahraki