Cultural Influence of Greek Translation on Bible's Theology



Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran


To research the backgrounds and influential factors in formation of Bible is a subject very important from histo - cultural and kalam – theological aspect in understanding the essence of this book. It is claimed that the fountainheads for forming scripture are Hebrew-Judaic and GreeceHellenistic traditions and Christianity itself. But using historical analysis and etymology of these two tradition show that there are other factors which are forgotten in religious researches, and also reveal the cultural and spiritual mixture of these two tradition which was effective in forming the historical destiny of considering the results of extending of these factors opens a new field of research that the appearance of hermeneutic stream of scripture is one its branches. The main target of this paper is surveying the transformation of religious understanding in Christianity and its relation to early cultural and religious events in early centuries A.D.


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