The biannual journal of Philosophy of Religion Research is a peer-reviewed journal established in 2003 by Imam Sadiq University (Tehran, Iran). It publishes articles in all areas of philosophy of religion from different traditions. Regarding the interdisciplinary atmosphere of philosophy of religion, articles in the field of psychology of religion, sociology of religion, cognitive sciences and religion, systematic theology, and the like are warmly welcomed. The journal of Philosophy of Religion Research accepts three kinds of articles: original research articles, review articles, and short articles.

The journal seeks to promote lively discussions and debates for established academics and the wider community, by publishing articles that avoid unnecessary jargon without sacrificing academic rigor. It encourages contributions from newer members of the philosophical community.

It is an Open Access journal, accessible through PhilPapers, and is internationally indexed in Philosopher’s Index, DOJA, and ISC (Islamic World Science Citation Center). We do not charge any publication fee from the authors for the papers to be published in the journal.

1. Attention in Simone Weil's Thought

Pages 1-28


Zahra Qasemzadeh; Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi Azam; Ehsan Momtahen

2. The Phenomenological Meaning of Life in Husserl’s Thought

Pages 29-48


َAlireza Faraji

3. A Critical Review of Zagzebski’s Theory of Virtue Epistemology: Some Preliminary Objections

Pages 49-68


Akram Askarzadeh Mazraeh

4. The Problem of Evil, Greater Good, and the Moral Objection

Pages 69-92


Seyyed Mohsen Eslami; Mohammad Saeedimehr

5. Transcendent Human and the Relationship between Reason and Faith from Kierkegaard's Perspective

Pages 93-115


Matinossadat Arabzadeh; Abolghasem Fanaei

6. Analysis and Critique of the Reasons for the Possibility of Knowing the Divine Essence and the Way to Achieve it from the Perspective of Fakhr Razi

Pages 117-136


AmirHosain MansouriNouri; Ainallah Khademi; Abdollah Salavati

7. Mulla Sadra’s Existential Explanation of Knowledge and Its Results in Explaining the Divine Knowledge

Pages 137-158


Mozhgan Fatahi; Ali Arshad Riyahi; Hamid Reza Shakerin

8. Is The Fine-Tuning Argument Theistic?

Pages 159-181


Mohammad Ebrahim Maqsudi

9. On God’s Knowledge of Counterfactuals of Freedom

Pages 183-205


Farid al-Din Sebt; Ebrahim Azadegan; Mahdi Esfahani; Azam Ghasemi

10. The Paradox of the Idea of Intuitive Theism and the Fact of Numerous Atheists; A Research in the Cognitive Sciences of Religion

Pages 207-226


Naeimeh Pourmohammadi; Meisam Fasihi Ramandi

11. Justifiability of Ordinary Belief in God through Epistemology Based on Trusted Hearings

Pages 227-246


Hamidreza Ayatollahy

12. The Bio-Evolutionary Approach to Religions: A Study of David Wilson's Perspective

Pages 247-268


Haleh Abdullahi Rad

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